Thursday, July 8, 2010


Please pass this on to anyone who will pray for Renee and this boy and his family!

Renee has an urgent prayer request for a little 7 month old twin named Katoyia. Katoyia's mother is from Rowanda and speaks not one word of english. She married a Ugandan man who died while she was pregnant with their twin boys leaving her alone with no means of support. After the boys were born, her milk dried up (probably due to lack of food and water for herself) and she tried to keep them alive by feeding them posho water (the water used to boil cornstarch into a sticky substance with no nutrition) It was at this point that the fathers mother heard that her daughter-in-law was still in the area with her twin grandsons. She found the family and took them to the local government hospital where Renee found them last Friday. It appeared that there was no hope for Katoyia so he was left alone on a table waiting for death. On Saturday Renee persuaded the hospital administrators to discharge the boys into her care and transported them to a small private clinic where he was put on an IV through the night. When Renee arrived on Sunday morning, the clinic was discharging them because their care was more than they could deal with.

Both of the boys along with their mother and grandmother are currently living at Renee's house. Katoyia requires a small feeding every 10 minutes 24 hours a day (his veins are too weak and they are not able to run an IV for hydration) and has been under Renee's constant care since Sunday. Last night (Wed) Katoyia took a turn for the worse and was transported back to the clinic this morning. Although he requires more medical attention than Renee can offer at her home, she feels that he still will not receive the treatment that he needs. His life is totally in God's hands and we are asking for your prayers to intercede for the life of this little boy. Please also pray for Renee as she is dealing with all of this with very little sleep since Saturday night.

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  1. Praying, praying, praying, praying...and praying. Thank you for letting us know the story and what is going on.