Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Here are two other blogs of our friends that are here. Their latest posts will give you some more insight as to what is going on these days. AND

We have already had our share of sickness in the last few days. Nothing serious, just what is to be expected in the first weeks of living (temporarily or permanently) in the 3rd world! The words that you have prayed over us the last few days have been felt heavily and we are so thankful to you for lifting us up to the Father!

As you know, one of our tasks while in Uganda is to capture photos and videos for several Gospel centered organizations, primarily Serving His Children. Here is a quick SHC video we shot while in Mayuge (see last post):

Monday we had the privilege of visiting a wonderful ministry called Ekisa, which means "grace" in Luganda. Ekisa Ministries provides those living with disabilities a place of understanding that assists them in their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Our time filming there was an adventure to say the least! We will post some photos soon!

Yesterday, Brett and I hopped on a boda (motorcycle taxi) and headed out to the village of Mafubira where STAO is located. He and I rode on one boda, while our two tubs of bibles were strapped to another. Most of you will remember that STAO is the children's home and church where we stayed for part of our visit last year! Brett is preaching the next few days there to a group of pastors and anyone else who shows up ;) In addition to preaching and worshipping together, we were able to give out many of the bibles that you helped us bring! The people were incredibly appreciative of the gift!! Yesterday went very well and I know each day will only be better... for His glory!!

That's all for now friends! I will try to upload a few photos and short videos in the next blog, but bear with me because the internet here is just awful! LOVE YOU ALL and THANK YOU for your prayer as we journey in Uganda!

All for love, all for the Gospel.

-Clain and Brett


  1. I love hearing about all the things God is doing through you guys. Hope you all are having a blast. Love you guys!

  2. i love reading about you guys. Said a prayer for you back in OK. hope everything is good today.