Saturday, July 23, 2011

Preaching, Bibles, Videos, and Photography in June.

McClain and I had a wonderful month of June here in Uganda. We were able to shoot hundreds of photo's (Brett's FB photos & Clain's FB photos) and we've released 11 of the 16 videos (LivingHisLove Vimeo & ServingHisChildren's YouTube) we've shot for 4 different gospel-centered organizations that are seeking the glory of Jesus Christ. God continued to open doors as we sought to love and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters by helping them articulate their vision for bringing the gospel to people through word and deed. By the grace and providence of God we were able to shoot 10 more videos than we had planned.

Here are links to each of the organizations.

Christian College for Christian Community leaders and Pastors in Buloba, Uganda.

Malnutrition Rehabilitation Center + Developmental org based in Jinja, Uganda.

Ekubo Ministries (Ekubo means "The Way" in Luganda)
Village Development/School/Gospel training org in Bugabo, Uganda.

Ekisa Ministries (Ekisa means "Grace" in Luganda)
Orphanage for the mentally and physically handicapped in Jinja, Uganda.

I (Brett) had the opportunity to preach and teach the gospel to pastors and church members. In Uganda, there are many who have been saved by Jesus but have not received any kind of formal (Bible College/Seminary) or informal (by a seasoned Pastor) training. It was my absolute joy to preach the gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone and encourage them to share the gospel without reserve.
JUNE 7th-10th, 12th I was able to preach and distribute bibles at Faith Christian Center in the village of Mafubira, Uganda. A very good friend and brother named Holiness set up the conference, promoted, and translated for me as we both preached the Word. Over 50 people showed up from 1pm-5:30pm everyday to worship and study scripture together. All in all we believe there were 100+ people that attended at least one of the days. We spent the first few hours in prayer and worship, 1 to 1 1/2 hours preaching, then about 1 hour answering questions that the attendants posed. Pastor Nelson, one of the Pastors from FCC invited me back to preach that Sunday which I humbly accepted. In Mafubira alone we gave away 100 copies of the Biblical Doctrine of Salvation, 15 copies of the Biblical Doctrine of Jesus, and 200 bibles most to those who had never owned their own copy of God's Word.
JUNE 24th and 25th I was able to preach and distribute bibles in the village of Bugabo which is in the bush. George Magera, leader of Ekubo Ministries, set up the conference (we thought it would be one afternoon but it turned into a two day training conference), promoted, and provided a local pastor to translate. Friday the 24th I began preaching around 2pm and took them through the scriptures to show them that the whole Bible is about and points to Jesus. How "(Jesus) appeared at the culmination (climax) of the ages to put away sin and death by the sacrifice of himself." (Hebrews 10:26). We walked through the Fall, the Atonement, the Promises, the Culmination and looked at how Jesus Christ fulfilled everything to the glory of His Father by the power of the Holy Spirit. After preaching for 2 hours (translation makes the sermon a BIT longer) the people in attendance were telling George that "we have to do this again and for much longer tomorrow." The next day we started at 11am and went through 3pm. I was honored to preach two more sermons "Jesus and The Two Lost Sons" out of Luke 15 and "Love Because you are Loved" out of Luke 6 and then answer questions in regards to the sermon text. There were about 20-30 people in attendance and we were able to distribute the 15 bibles that remained from Mafubira.
As an unexpected turn, we met 2 pastors from the Hoima District through our new friend Jonathan. Jonathan is a Missions Director at a church in West Salem Virginia that we met through Serving His Children, and we have already become good friends. His church puts on a Pastors conference two times a year in Hoima, Uganda. We were able to give around 20 bibles to his pastor friends to take and distribute to their church members who were lacking.
July 17th I was honored with the opportunity of preaching at the largest church in Jinja "Evangel Church." Evangel Church is a World Vision church plant that is lead by Pastor Zach, an ex-muslim that God has used to reach many muslims by the gospel of Jesus. While having lunch with Pastor Zach, McClain and I learned that multiple attempts have been made on his life by people of opposing faiths. But he has persevered and will not shrink from declaring the whole counsel of God and sharing the gospel of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. I had the privilege of preaching at their 2nd service. I was very encouraged of how many people had gathered to praise the name of our Lord through song, give of their money, and receive preaching and teaching. The gathering was great and I was very blessed and encouraged after the sermon by many church members. They welcomed me back for the next time I'm in Jinja. It was great meeting passionate Christians in a different nation.

By the grace of God I am convinced that many have been strengthened in the gospel by grace through faith and the idea of a "works-based salvation" was destroyed in many peoples minds. All through the power of the Holy Spirit in the declaration of His Word. My hope is that their hearts were burning and their love of the God of the Bible grew as the Word was proclaimed and it all pointed to Jesus.

We had a very busy month of June to the glory of God and we greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and money that was given to send us to Uganda.
All for love, all for the gospel.

Grace and peace to you all,
Brett, McClain, and Candace

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  1. Thank you for sharing details! What a blessing for the people there and you to be used for God's glory. Love, Mom/Sheila