Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Days!

Started building a mud hut yesterday and finished today!
Ingredients for a mud hut: Wood, Nails, Mud... Tin sheets for the roof.
The process begins with a frame for the house made out of thin wood poles cut down from the surrounding area. They nail more wooden poles across the frame to support the mud. They add rocks in between the poles to hold the mud in the correct place, then you start adding mud. You throw it at the house then you scrape it off with your fngers and throw it some more, this is so it goes in all the cracks. First you have to make mud, did I mention this? We took the jerry cans down to the stream and collected as much water as we could carry, thank goodness we had some strong guys with us. The guys tilled the earth till there was loose soil in a large area and we poured the water in while they smush it around with their hoes and feet till it turns a sticky consistency. We helped in all of these processes. It was two long days of mud throwing, water carrying and waiting in the sun! We are loving it!
Tomorrow the kids are out of school and are planning a soccer day. They finished their exams this week and have a few days off of school. We hope to get to spend as much time with them as possible since we have been out and around the community these past few days.
We led a Bible study wednesday night for a home cell group. They meet every week in an apartment and worship and study the Bible together. It was so neat to read the Word with other brothers and sisters in Christ. I (Candace) was most blessed by this experience as I'm sure Megan and McClain were too. It is a struggle to communicate sometimes because cultures are so different and everyone is trying to speak english but one thing we dont have a problem communicating on is God's word and His truth in our lives! AMEN!
*Please pray for this generation of orphans that is being raised up. The adults and young adults we are meeting have such a heart for these kids. They know they didn't ask for this situtaion they are in and they did nothing to deserve it but are beleiving God has a purpose and plan for each life. Our prayer is that the seed of God's word would be planted in their lives while they are young and that they will be able to cultivate that relationship and be encouraged to let that seed grow.


  1. Building a mud hut sounds totally fun! Soccer days, bible studies. I'm glad they're teaching you guys how to enjoy life over there. Keep shining


  2. Y'all are so courageous! Your love is shining bright and you are lovingly remembered and are in our prayers. Glenda

  3. Praying and loving you! Can you feel it? :)

  4. Grandmum Barb from Minnesota...We were blessed to have Nelson stay with us and honored that he chose my husband, Phil & I to be his "grandparents". If I could turn back the clock 45 years or so...I'd be right there in Uganda with you! Hopefully, God's grace will enable our granddaughter, Morgan, to bring her love & energy to Uganda. Take care...God bless all 3 of you! We'll keep you in our prayers...