Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our home in Masese

We've been with Renee (Serving His Children) for a few days now, and have been getting a good taste of motherhood! Renee has 5 babies staying here in her house that all have some form of malnutrition. Serving His Children is still in the begining stages of their Malnutrition Rehabilitation program, but has drastically changed lives already. Check out these survivors :) Renee's house/Serving His Children compound, where we are staying, is next to Lake victoria in the "slum" of Masese.

Our tentative schedule involving the babies each day is as follows: between 7 and 8am we feed them their Plumpy Nut, baths (if needed) and play time, more Plumpy Nut, nap time, usually more Plumpy Nut a while after naps, play time, Plumpy Nut, then baths and bed time around 7 or 8. That's not to mention the diaper and outfit changes mixed into all of this AND the fact that they don't always want their Plumpy Nut so it can take a WHILE to get them to eat! We are loving every minute of it.

Currently, the babies living and healing here at Renee's are: Alafat, whose mother is actually staying here with him until he's a little healthier. He has to have a specially made poridge every 3 hours. Kamia, who is 2 years old and cannot walk, but is doing well with standing! Shadia is about 11 days old and is fed every 2-3 hours around the clock. Her mother died giving birth and she was fed only water the first week of her life. little Sarah is a diva. She is about 15 months old and has made unbelievable progress since living here with Renee. Becaham is about 15 months old and weighed 6 pounds when he got here last month. We have already fallen in love with these precious children that the Lord is obviously fighting for. He isn't finished with them yet, and we are more than grateful to be a part of His special healing on them!

The feeding program twice a week here at Renee's, was Serving His Children's first project. We were able to help serve beans and rice on Thursday for our first feeding program experience. The children of Masese start lining up in front of Renee's house a couple of hours before the gate is opened around 1pm. They are led through the gate in small groups to go through the line and get their meal, which is usually rice, beans, and a piece of fruit. 110 lbs of rice, 110 lbs of beans, and about 1,000 children later.... everyone is happy :)

Yesterday we worshipped together at Africa gospel Church here in Masese. It is such a blessing to praise our Lord with so many like-minded people here in Uganda! Renee, Candace, Megan and I all walking to church, each carrying a few babies, was pretty hilarious as well. Today, we went for a check-up at the clinic for Becaham. He is doing VERY well and is now a 10 pound 15-month-old! We just got back from a boat ride across Lake Victoria to visit an island with the village of Kasima. A team is coming in July to work with Renee and SHC on this island to build a water tank for the community. Their previous tank broke and they are currently using the lake or bringing water from ACROSS the lake when necessary. So today we went to talk to the chairperson of the village and get an idea of the materials needed.

Our time here has been so eye-opening and, despite some really tough times, we are loving every minute! THANK YOU for your continued support because as we have been a little sick the last few days, we have felt the comfort of your prayers for us! We love you!!!


  1. Hello Megan, Mcclain and Candace! I am one of Renee's moms cousins and I just wanted to say thank you for the blog! I will be praying for you as you serve. HUG HUG!

  2. Hey Candance-praying for yall and miss you--my heart is heavy for those babies. Give them a tight hug for me.
    Jennifer S.