Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jambo Muzungus!

Hello from Uganda! We arrived safe and sound a few days ago. We were promptly picked up at the airport by Pastor Nelson and his friend Wyclef. The drive to the children's home was about 3 hours and the driving was CRAZY! It is very different to say the least. We arrived at STAO's Agape children's home at about 11pm their time and were greeted by some of the older kids who stayed up to wait for us. Our room is very basic. We stay in the same building as Pastor Nelson and his wife Grace who cooks A LOT for us every day! The food she makes is amazing and we are definitely not deprived! In case you were wondering about the title of this post, it means "Hello White people". Everywhere we go, children and some adults scream at us and call us "MUZUNGU MUZUNGU!!" It's not offensive at all,they are just excited and that's what they call white people. The next morning we did devotions and got a tour of the STAO grounds. Since then, we have participated in home visits to do "Needs Assessments" which evaluate the need of the home and what STAO can do to help. We have helped bathe the younger kids (outside with buckets of water and soap). Saturday morning we did laundry... Uganda Style!

We wake up to breakfast and tea, the kids clean and have prayer, older kids leave for school, and young ones have school on the STAO grounds. The older kids come home for lunch and everyone eats Posho (corn meal and water) and beans together. After school is recreation and study time, then baths and dinner. Before bed we have devotions and prayer all together. Candace and McClain led the first night's devotion and sang with them!

Life here is very simple, but we are enjoying every minute. We are slowly learning some of the kid's names, and they are having fun (trying to) teaching us their languge. They love to touch our skin and play with our hair, and fight over who gets to hold our hand!

We are becoming more comfortable here daily, but there are still great challenges. We truly appreciate your prayers for us, and they are heard and felt in our hearts all the way across the world! We haven't had any serious problems, but would love continued prayers for our health. We also ask that you will pray for our hearts to be strong when we face new challenges because they are DAILY. Thank you for the support! We hope to tell you more soon! LOVE.

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