Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last days at STAO and First day of SHC

The last few days at STAO have been full of excitement! Sunday was a great day of worship at church. We have officially learned 2 worship songs in Luganda! The kids always laugh at us though because we don't pronounce the words right. Later that day Pastor Nelson took us to do a little sight seeing. We went to Bujugali Falls. We took a boat out on the Nile and it was beautiful.Monday was a day of cleaning. Clain and Candace worked ALL day mopping and scrubbing the church floor (keep in ming the water is a 5 min. walk from the grounds and they needed a lot to get the job done). I (Megan) worked all day on report cards for the end of the term, and profiles for each of the kids. Tues was our last day at STAO so we mostly hung out with the kids and played on the grounds. That night we promised a dance party in the girls dorms. At 10pm we all met in the "pink house" and turned up Clain's I-pod as loud as it would go. We had fun but the I-pod was drowned out by laughing girls. Soon Sharon brought in speakers and a CD player and the real party started! The girls loved it. They were dancing and laughing and attempting to teach us new moves. We were all so loud that soon the boys were knocking on our door wanting to join. So of course we let them in for a while! After about an hour we were all exhausted so we said goodnight! This morning we said goodbye to all of the staff and kids and they prayed for our safe journey. I found it such a blessing that the very children we came to help out were praying for US!
Renee from Serving His Children picked us up about 11am this morning and we ran some errands before driving to Masese were SHC is located. There are 5 babies here at the moment that are under close watch and care of the staff. These babies are sick and need lots of love and special feeding. (you can read more at SERVINGHISCHILDRENINUGANDA.BLOGSPOT.COM or SERVINGHISCHILDREN.ORG)

Again PLEASE don't forget to include us in your prayers. We especially ask for prayers of guidance, wisdom, and that the Holy Spirit would move us. It's the half way point and we thank you all for your continued support and love!


  1. I'm praying for you guys!! It sounds like you guys are doing awesome. Just be present and open and God will take care of the rest! =)

  2. Hey girls!! Praying for you all and I am so excited to hear about how God will work!! Praying for the babies.

    Today I was telling Candace's mom that a friend of mine had her baby 14 weeks early on Friday and he died last night. As painful as it is God has used me here to be a light in a dark situation and I see that He is using you all the same way in a different situation. Your blogs are so encouraging to me and they are preparing me for my trip in June. Thank you girls for sharing.

    Love Ashleigh Wilson